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Helping you find exciting new ways to connect with your audience, whether that’s through groundbreaking promotional products or the one and only Swag Truck.


Putting the human side of branding in the forefront, showing the people behind the brand, letting your audience connect with you on new levels.


Creating a personal, memorable experience for your customers. Looking beyond what you think your brand can accomplish to reach new heights and build your fan base.


Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Promotional products (a.k.a. 'swag') are an extension of your brand. Anything with your brand on it should be as quality as the people behind it. We pride ourselves on helping you find the right promotional products to represent your message, customizing them to fit your brand, and delivering them on time.

Swag Truck

Swag Truck

Mobile pop-up marketing in a box (truck). Swag Truck delivers a memorable, interactive, and measurable brand experience. Take your brand to the streets with this customizable and interactive tool.

Brand Jam

Brand Jam

Brands are our jam, and we like to see people come together and talk about them. A Brand Jam is an experience that brings together marketers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to build community in an authentic and approachable way. Brand Jams aren’t networky or salesy. They’re a place to chat about what we’re working on, what we’re learning, and inspire one another to make a difference.

About the 'Topia

Brandtopia is about you, your brand, and excellence. Since 2011, we’ve helped brands showcase both their design and their people with high quality promotional products and meaningful customer experiences with Swag Truck.

In our experiences working with clients from Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses, we help brands build relationships, create community, and show their human side. Our passion is your brand.

We know your brand has got it going on, and we want to help you let everyone else know, too. Want to start a project with Brandtopia? Let’s jam!

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